Patient Reviews

She is a caring and compassionate doctor. She always smile and lets me smile when I see her. She is very caring to patients, especially me. She talks to you with concern. She is the most empathetic doctor I ever had. She needs to teach classes on proper medical etiquette when dealing with patients. She always her telephone service.If not, she has someone to take the calls, and would settle the whole thing. She was born with empathy and has the passion to exhibit it when you see her. I used to live in New York, and many of the doctors just did the job and did not care how you feel. Some of them operated their office like a train station. You come and you go immediately. There was no compassion of what some of them weee doing. When I came down here, I tried to find the best doctor I could find. Dr. Kessevan was the one and the only one.

INGRID B. | Apr 07, 2024
I am very pleased with our relationship and look forward to our futre healthy encounters ; may GOD continue to shower us with his blessings Amen.

Charlie H. | Apr 04, 2024
You are the care giver Dr Rekha K thank you for taking care of me

HAMIDULLAH N. | Mar 31, 2024
At Dr Kesavan office, there is a very little waiting time. They answer your questions, concern about your care and meet your needs. If they cannot, they refer you to a specialist.

MIREILLE D. | Mar 31, 2024
Excellent doctor, attention to details, interested in me and my health issues and concerns.

LAURA M. | Mar 30, 2024
very professional and friendly

SERGIO R. | Mar 30, 2024
I Love Dr. Kesavan is an amazing and caring doctor, who makes sure you get the best care. I recommend her to everyone!!!

JOY R. | Mar 27, 2024
A lot of times you get doctors who it is just another patient. Doctor KESAVAN listens and is very helpful and caring about your health care and it shows… Thank you

KEITH M. | Mar 22, 2024
Absolutely wonderful.

Willie P. | Mar 22, 2024
Dr. Kasavan is a very caring individual with a wealth of knowledge. She has always been fully dedicate to me as a patient and even goes out of her way to help you.

MYRIAM M. | Mar 20, 2024
Dr Kasavan very articulate in explanation.

SHIRLEY P. | Mar 20, 2024
Addressed all my concerns. Agreed on second opinion. However I have not received a call after a week.

ELLEN D. | Mar 18, 2024