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Weight Loss Treatment

More than 42% of Americans are obese and at increased risk for heart attack, stroke, and other serious health complications. To help you achieve a healthy body weight, Comprehensive Primary Care offers personalized weight-loss treatment plans. Rekha Kesavan, MD, helps you safely lose weight with lifestyle changes, diet improvements, and other strategies, so you can reach your weight loss goals and sustain them in the long term. Schedule a consultation online to learn more about the available weight loss treatment plans available, or call one of the offices in Lawrenceville or Suwanee, Georgia, office today.

Weight Loss Treatment Q & A

Why should I consider weight-loss treatment?

Obesity is a leading cause of many chronic illnesses, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

These diseases are often preventable through routine health exams, a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and a healthy body weight. However, underlying medical conditions and age-related changes in the body can make it challenging for you to lose weight.

The medically supervised weight loss treatments available at Comprehensive Primary Care focus on helping you achieve a healthy body weight safely, so you can maintain it in the long term.

You should schedule a weight loss consultation if you’re unable to lose weight on your own or if your weight complicates any chronic illnesses you already have.

What happens during my initial consultation for weight loss treatment?

The weight loss treatments available at Comprehensive Primary Care focus on helping you lose weight safely, so you can keep it off.

During your initial assessment, Dr. Kesavan discusses your diet, exercise habits, and weight loss goals. She performs a physical exam and may request blood work or other tests to identify existing health issues that interfere with your ability to lose weight.

If you have an underlying health issue, such as a thyroid disorder that affects your weight or your ability to lose weight, Dr. Kesavan can customize a treatment plan to manage your condition. She also offers referrals to specialists if you need additional help managing chronic diseases that affect your weight.

What’s involved in weight-loss treatment?

Based on your assessment results, Dr. Kesavan tailors a weight loss plan to your individual needs. This personalized plan focuses on several factors that affect your weight and may include:

  • Weight loss medications
  • Low-calorie diet plans
  • New exercise strategies
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Behavioral modifications

You will also be accountable for your commitment to your weight loss results. Dr. Kesavan will help you schedule follow-up appointments for routine weigh-ins and counseling sessions to set new goals as you achieve weight loss milestones.

If you need help losing weight, learn more about the weight loss treatments available at Comprehensive Primary Care. Call the office nearest you or book an appointment online today.