The Importance of an Annual Physical

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Oct 06, 2023

No one wants to go to the doctor, especially when they feel healthy. However, prioritizing your annual physical is your first line of defense for reaching and maintaining wellness.

Our Comprehensive Primary Care team has all the resources you need to protect your long-term health. Unfortunately, people often wait to schedule an appointment until a problem arises. That’s what makes an annual physical so important.

Have you been keeping up with these preventive healthcare appointments? Here’s why it’s time to start.

Why annual exams matter

It makes perfect sense to schedule a doctor’s appointment when you don’t feel good or sustain some sort of injury. However, an annual physical is equally important for a person’s health.

Annual exams are considered preventive medicine. The appointment itself can vary from person to person based on their age, gender, and unique needs. However, they all have the same goals:

  • Building a relationship with a medical provider you trust
  • Measuring vitals to establish a baseline for your general health
  • Screenings to detect illness or disease in their earliest (and most treatable) stages
  • Updating vaccinations
  • Assessing personal risk factors for health issues
  • Outlining strategies to reach and maintain optimal health and wellness

Annual exams also create an opportunity for people to raise questions or concerns about their health. These appointments ensure access to expert guidance and medical care from a trustworthy source.

Everyone can benefit from a preventive health care exam each year, and our team offers personalized recommendations based on your health and overall wellness.

What to expect during an annual exam

Having an annual physical is fairly straightforward. 

During each visit, you can expect our team to:

  • Capture your vital signs, like blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature
  • Visually inspect your eyes, ears, and throat
  • Lightly press areas of your body, like your back and abdomen
  • Manage any prescription drugs or over-the-counter products you may take
  • Offer guidance on how to reduce your risk of disease, like weight loss

We also perform specific screenings on a case-by-case basis. For instance, women or those assigned female at birth may need a Pap test, breast exam, or STD testing. Similarly, men or those assigned male at birth may need testicular cancer screening, prostate screening, or STD testing. When you reach your 40s and beyond, you may also require regular bone density and colon cancer screenings. 

This is just a snapshot of an annual physical's important health benefits. If you haven’t had an exam yourself lately, our team can provide detailed recommendations based on your age, gender, and overall health.

Ready to take steps to protect your health and wellness? Contact Comprehensive Primary Care to schedule your annual physical in Lawrenceville, Georgia, today.